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SWIDB kicks off consultation workshops on competency assessment

Participants pose for a photo op during the last day of the UsapangSWD Run 1 online workshop series on 24 March 2022
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The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) through its training arm– the Social Welfare Institutional Development Bureau– has recently held a 9-day consultative workshop series on competency assessment, which ran for two weeks from 14 March to 24 March 2022 via the video conferencing platform, Zoom. 

It was attended by, on separate occasions, at least 50 representatives from various DSWD Central Offices, Bureaus, and Services (OBS), namely, the Social Welfare Institutional Development Bureau, Program Management Bureau, Social Technology Bureau, Sustainable Livelihood Program, and the KALAHI-CIDSS. 

The series titled “#UsapangSWD Run 1” aims to define the competencies needed by the local government units for the management of the devolved programs and develop the necessary learning development interventions to streamline the transition process. It will also help lay the groundwork for when the devolution takes place and strategically plan out the roll-out and implementation of the programs to ensure that Local Government Units (LGUs) would easily understand their expected roles and responsibilities.

During the workshop, participants have undergone a rigorous process of identifying and labeling tasks and deliverables based on the Department’s Service Delivery Standard Components. They were also able to identify and list down some of the competencies required to perform the tasks and deliverables of their programs through the recently developed competency model tool by the SWIDB. On the last day of the event, participants were tasked to present their outputs and provide key takeaways and feedback on the event. 

The kickoff activity series was just one of numerous workshop series slated for the entire year, as DSWD continues to work for effective decentralization transition and SWD program implementation for the achievement of the targeted organizational outcomes. More relevant workshops and activities are expected to conduct in the upcoming months.




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