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BANGLADESHI LEARNING VISIT: DSWD Leads in Shock Responsive Social Protection

The Government of Bangladesh reprised its engagement with the Department of Social Welfare and Development with a Learning Visit last 24 February 2024. The objective of the visit was to observe and understand the best practices that have made the Department’s social security program become adaptive and shock-responsive. The 9-person visiting group was led by Md. Mahmudul Hossain Khan, Bangladesh Secretary for Coordination & Reforms, and included Secretaries of the Ministries of Women and Children Affairs and Disaster Management and Relief. Ministry of Women and Children Affairs.

Batch 2 Post Graduate Diploma Course on Child Protection Cum Case Management Kicks Off at Miriam College

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) through its partnership with UNICEF and Miriam College welcomed 50 scholars from the DSWD, National Authority for Child Care (NACC), and Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) for the second batch of the Post Graduate Diploma on Child Protection cum Case Management (PGDCPCM). The PGDCPCM aims to strengthen the competencies of the social service workforce on implementing child protection in the context of the social welfare system.

The DSWD-Mongolia Knowledge-Sharing Engagement

The Department of Social Welfare & Development continues its endeavor to be a leader in social protection in Asia and the Indo-Pacific Region when it accommodated visiting officials from the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection (MSLP) of the government of Mongolia. The officials were on a study tour of the Philippines from February 12 to 17, 2024, arranged by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), and with the expressed purpose of having learning dialogues and knowledge-sharing sessions with DSWD on its experiences in social protection.

DSWD PRAISE Awards 2023: Evolving Good Practices

The Department of Social Welfare & Development’s 73rd founding anniversary celebration culminated on February 6, 2024, with the Awarding Ceremonies for the national winners of the Programs on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) at the Landbank Plaza Auditorium in the City of Manila. 

Good Practice Initiative Appo The Enhanced Social Pension Program of Apayao Province

This Good Practice Initiative was delivered by Ms. Leeshell Lopez, Social Welfare Officer III/Focal Person for Senior Citizen Programs of the Provincial Social Welfare Development Office (PSWDO) of Apayao province during the Knowledge Management Expo 2023 held at the Lafaayette Suites, Baguio City from 27-30 November 2023. The Initiative initially involved expansion of the PSWDO’s workforce through the recruitment of unemployed college graduates to serve as ‘Barangay Social Welfare Support Workers’ (BSWSW). As provided for by Provincial Resolution No.

Search for Knowledge Products

The DSWD KM Portal is a dynamic facility founded to promote the development and sharing of knowledge within the DSWD and its partners. The Portal has vast collection of DSWD Knowledge Products (KPs) and other learning resources on social welfare and social protection.