[SWADCAP Online Course]_Course Description

The Capability Building on KM Tools is part of the foundational activities necessary to operationalize the DSWD mechanism for scaling up learning and development interventions. Recognizing that KM is integral in the learning processes in the Department, there is a need to define the KM System Framework and the KM Strategic Plan supporting its operationalization in the Department to guide the Field Offices and Offices/Bureaus/Services/Units (OBSU).

The activity aims to achieve the following:

Performance Objective:

By the end of the Capability Building Activity, the Knowledge Management Division and the KM Focal Persons will be able to develop a KM System Framework supported by a KM Plan utilizing KM Tools as guide of the Field Offices and Central Office/Bureaus/Services/Units (OBSUs) in harmonizing and organizing efforts along creating, sharing and using knowledge.

Specific Objectives:

At the end of the capability building activity, the participants will be able to:

  • Assess the implementation of Knowledge Management in the Department as basis for developing the KM System Framework and the supporting KM Plan that will guide in its operationalization in the Department. Specifically, the sub-objectives are the following:

    • To identify information and knowledge gaps that affect work performance

    • To identify top workplace issues that may be addressed using KM

    • To see opportunities for improving or innovating work processes

    • To find out how to better use KM to support the Strategic Initiatives of DSWD

  • Practice KM tools used for assessment, development of KM System Framework and plan to support the operationalization of the KM System in the Department

    • Identify KM Concepts to gain appreciation on its applicability in the work

    • Identify strengths and areas for improvement based on the result of the KM Assessment as basis for developing the KM System Framework and the KM Plan

    • Describe the KM System Framework

    • Define the KM Plan to support the KM System of the Department as guide for operationalizing KM in the Department.

    • Identify activities that will reinforce the use of KM tools and action points in relation to the finalization of KM Plan

  • Demonstrate working relationships that promotes a culture of learning, sharing and innovation

The resource person for this activity is Mr. Serafin Talisayon, Father of KM in the Philippines and the Director for Research and Development of the Corporate and Community Learning for Innovation (CCLI), Inc.

The course is has an online version accompanied with a KM assessment that will start on January 14, 2019 and face to face version which will be conducted on February 4-8, 2018.

[SWADCAP Online Course]_Target Participants

Target participants are DSWD KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT FOCALS / ALTERNATES (1 per office) from the different Offices / Bureaus / Services and Units (OBSUs) and Field Offices (FOs)

[SWADCAP Online Course]_Course Content

Activity 1 : Online Capability Building on KM Tools (January 14-25, 2019) / FO/OBSU to administer the KM Assessment Tool

The FOs and OBSU KM Focal will administer the KM Assessment Tools using google forms. Discussion on the  administration of the tools will be through an online collaborative tool.

Activity 2 : Consolidation of Results (January 26-30, 2019)

Consolidation will be done using the online google application.

Activity 3 : Face to Face Capability Building at DSWD SWADCAP (February 4-8, 2019)

Using KM tools, the group will be able to develop the KM System Framework and KM Plan for the Department