What is the KM Portal?
The KM Portal is a website with an interactive and virtual facility designed to provide learning opportunities across borders with its web forum, online courses, downloadable resources, and databases of communities of practice (COP).

Is the KM Portal considered the e-library?
No. The e-library has a separate web address Also called Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), it is an easier version of the library system wherein users can view the list of library materials and their availability.

Can I borrow library materials through the e-library?
No. But you can view the existing library materials and check their current status. If the reference you need is available, you can go to the Knowledge Exchange Center or Regional Learning Resource Center (if you are in a DSWD Field Office) and use it. This saves you time and effort hence, giving you more luxury in doing your library research.

Do I have to register in the e-library? How?
Yes. But you have to go to the KEC/RLRC and ask the assigned staff to register you. For DSWD employees, just present your company I.D. and give your DSWD corporate email username. These will be the reference of the KEC/RLRC staff in creating your account. If you are a non-DSWD employee, you are not allowed to register in the e-library. You can still view the list of library materials though and borrow them, but for room use only.

If I will borrow a library material, am I allowed to take it out of the KEC/RLRC?
Yes, only if you are a DSWD employee. The KEC/RLRC staff will just tag the reference you borrowed in your reading history list (check your e-library profile). You won’t need the typical library borrower’s card because everything will be recorded in your account.

Is my e-library account already connected to the KM Portal?
No. But you are encouraged to use the same username.

Do I also have to go to the KEC/RLRC to create my KM Portal account? What are the perks of registering in the KEC Website?
No. You can register in the KM Portal on your own. After doing so, you can participate in the discussions posted in the KM Portal. You can also start a forum as long as it is something relevant or related to the Department and its employees.

If I don’t want to create an account in the KM Portal, can I still participate in the forum?
No. You have to register in the site to join the forum. However, there are other things you can do in the KM Portal even if you don’t have a user account.

Can I still download knowledge materials in the KM Portal even if I don’t have an account?
Yes. But you are required to provide your valid email address before you will be allowed to start the download process.  This is part of our monitoring and validation process.