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What are the requirements to become a partner on L&D?

In selecting a partners to serve as LSP such as resource person, trainers, coordinators, or facilitators must take into consideration generally the following

  1. Education/Expertise - Background or area of specialization,
  2. Experience - proven record that can substantiate any claims to the experience or skill and preferably with documented outcomes
  3. Suitability/Aptness - fitness for the tasks or role sustainability; and
  4. Integrity - absence of critical incidents that might otherwise tarnish or put to question the person's credibility, character, ethical behavior or intellectual integrity as a learning service provider (AO 18, s 2019)

The DSWD KM Portal is a dynamic facility founded to promote the development and sharing of knowledge within the DSWD and its partners. The Portal has vast collection of DSWD Knowledge Products (KPs) and other learning resources on social welfare and social protection.