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How can an organization become a learning service provider (LSP -define what is a LSP?)?

LSP refers to an individual, a group of individuals,  units or organizations within or outside DSWD  who provide interventions or initiatives that aim to capacitate through direct provision of L&D and or facilitation (AO 18 s 2019). This may include the academe and other training institutes that provide capability building interventions focusing on the progression of SW career development tracks, it also refers to organizations that provide capability building interventions that focus on compliance to standards of SWD programs and services implementation. They  are member that form part of the SWD Learning Network in the region. Based on the identified L and D or Knowledge management that needs to enter into partnership, it will follow Department protocols for drafting, review, implementation, and monitoring of the Memorandum of Understanding ( AO 13 s. of 2020)


The DSWD KM Portal is a dynamic facility founded to promote the development and sharing of knowledge within the DSWD and its partners. The Portal has vast collection of DSWD Knowledge Products (KPs) and other learning resources on social welfare and social protection.