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What are some examples of KPs?

Below are examples of KPs for internal and public use:

  1. Advocacy Materials

Educates, persuades, and mobilizes the Department’s partners and stakeholders to support the Department’s policies, programs, projects, and activities that promote the welfare and development of our clients.

  1. Learning Materials

Supports existing materials for LDI’s; used for the conduct of the latter with accompanying Facilitator’s Notes (e.g. modules, case studies, graphic stories, etc.).

  1. Good Practice and Success Story Documentations

Documents the positive results and impact of particular approaches or methods in real practice.

  1. Research and Development Materials

Illustrates the impact or potential improvement of the Department’s activities/projects/programs/services (e.g. Theses, M&E results, Lessons Learned papers, concept papers, etc.).

  1. How-to Guides

Provides guidance and methodological support on the conduct of activities/programs/projects/services related to the Department and/or its staff (Operations Manuals, User’s Manuals, Training Manuals, Guidelines, Operating Procedures, etc.).

[See Memorandum from the Office of the Undersecretary for Protective Operations and Programs Group dated 5 October 2018]


The DSWD KM Portal is a dynamic facility founded to promote the development and sharing of knowledge within the DSWD and its partners. The Portal has vast collection of DSWD Knowledge Products (KPs) and other learning resources on social welfare and social protection.