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What are the roles and functions of a senior specialist?

  • Senior specialist refers to a member assessed and certified as practitioner (competency level 3) or expert (competency level 4); serves as an authority in a particular field of expertise. As such, he/she has the knowledge and practice skills in providing technical assistance to partners and intermediaries. The senior specialist performs the following functions:
    • Provide technical assistance on complex issues and concerns which may not have been covered by an existing policy or standard; and propose for amendment(s) thereof
    • Provide inputs to enhance guidelines pertaining to field of expertise prior to further review by MANCOM/RMANCOM and approval by the EXECOM;
    • Serve as mentor to identified mentees and shall conduct mentoring session in accordance to the designed learning and development intervention for each specialization
    • Serve as subject matter expert of trainings and knowledge sharing sessions organized by DSWD and its partners;
    • Join TWGs intended to deliver a specific output relative to the sectoral welfare and development
    • Attend case conferences on high profile/problematic cases to provide inputs as part of resolution
    • Attend CGS conventions
    • Undertake research pertaining to the respective sectors as part of the continuing professional education

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